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The answer must stem from the truth, "all man are created in the image of God", a concept intrinsically linked to the message of the gospel. Jesus, the begotten Son of God and God's image bearer, lived a divine life, sacrificed himself for humanity, and rose from the dead to offer eternal life to those who are restored in the image of God (Romans 8:26-30) by living a life of compassion and mercy in the likeness of Christ. 


Our society is deeply fractured, and when falsehoods threaten the identities of our young people, it is crucial that we ardently safeguard the hearts of our children and continue to instill in them the love of God so that they know the love of God and know they are created in the image of God. We invite you to join us for a seminar aimed at equipping and fostering a community dedicated to nurturing and protecting our society.

Details regarding the time and location will be posted soon. Thank you for your interest.

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